Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Post it's made cute!! Gotta Love That!

So I was over at Creative Scrappers tonight and did a really cute make and take project creating covers for post it's! I made 2 and am more pleased with my second try than my first. If you are reading this and have not yet been to the Creative Scrappers site you are seriously missing out! The group of gals are awesome and the projects, challenges and sketches just rock!! So get your buns over there!! are the post it's I made.

This was my first attempt. My camera was not liking the glitter I guess..?? Well on the flap it reads Thanks So Much. It really is pretty but not my fav. so far.

Here is my second attempt and a gift for my sons teacher this year....let's hope she is not reading this...hehehehe :-)

Here is a pic. of the inside. I stamped each page with a little flower just to tie it all together. So far this is my fav. but, I plan on making more...more...more!! They are so quick to make and turn out so cute how can you resist??

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jinxi~ aka angi said...

Those turned out great!!!