Monday, December 29, 2008

A few more done...

This first page I embellished with brads by the photos to add some dimension and interest. I used Creative Memories papers and cut the title with my Cricut...just love it!
This Fathers day page I created with some basic elements paper and card stock embellishments. I just love the colors! Back to creating.....Come back soon.

Just a few things done

A few layouts done over the past few days. I got to use a few of my new toys that Santa brought me. In this layout I used my Crop-A-Dile big is awesome. Also some paper by Creative Memories.
I love this Prima paper!! It is so much fun! Perfect for these fun potty pics of my son.
This layout was done with My Minds Eye paper and misc. ribbons and buttons. Cut the title with my Cricut.Love this little ducky costume!! I stitched some metallic thread flourishes on this page.
Well, that is all for now... I am hoping to play with some more of my Santa gifts soon.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another Deal

O.k. so for real!! This is what happens when I am up and cannot sleep. While waiting on a backup CD to burn I decided to check a few sites out and look at the deal on Peachy Cheap!! This kit is by Tinkering Ink and is called Perfectly Posh. I had to have Santa wasn't good enough to me...right?!! I am officially certifiably addicted to paper and all things scrapbook worthy!! Ha!! Call the clinic!! :-) Check out the deal though really!!!...Could you pass this up?!

Christmas Magic

Christmas was great!! The boys got everything they wanted from Santa and more. I so enjoy the looks on their faces when they get a great surprise!! I didn't do too bad myself, I must have been a real good girl this year. Here is a pic of Nick and I on Christmas morning.
The boys all got matching hats from Santa!! My boys are so handsome!

Well, I can't wait to get back to scrappin' and craftin'. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Toddler Adventures!!

A day in the life of my 2 YO son!! So everyday is a little adventure for us with our very active toddler so I just wanted to share a few pics of my day today. So we started out by getting some crackers out of the kitchen.... all was fine and calm...until......hmmmm, this is a little too mundane for me. What shall I do about it?? I know!! I will create a cracker collage on the coffee table...what fun this will be. Maybe I shall get up here too, wonder what happens if I walk on them??? hmm maybe I should smash them too?? Zoe care for a snack??
Well that was fun...what to do now?? Mom cleaned my mess. I know I need another snack. Off to the pantry. I will just scale the washer and get up to where the good stuff is!!

MM MM!! Here we go!! I found the stash... UH OH!! CAUGHT!! Good thing I am so cute!! A day in the life of a toddler, or shall I say a few hours hehehehe LOL!! You just gotta love these active BOYS!! This is so a scrap book page in the making :-)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Super Deal On Minds EYE!!

Check out the super sweet deal I just scored on Peachy Cheap!!

There are 28 different transparencies perfect for any scrapbook project!  Each transparency measures approx. 3 x 6 inches.  I am so excited to get these!! If you haven't been on their site then you need to check it out.  You will be addicted.


So I have finished a few projects tonight.  I made a birthday card for my Nephew!  He is a big time Lego fan just like my son so his card was easy to figure out. I made a pocket on the inside to put a gift card into.

Here is a Personal Calendar I made for a Christmas present. This is the front cover.

Here is the inside cover.

Here are a few pages from inside.  I decorated each page throughout.

Here is the inside back cover.

Hope they like them... the card and the calendar.  I want to make a set of cards for a friend for Christmas too... I guess I ought to get on that! Until Next Time!!  Have A Great DAY!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The adventures of boys

So a few days ago my 2 1/2 year old and my 8 year old were wrestling on my bed when it happened......Silence broken by that irrevocable mind shattering scream followed by the cry!! Something had happened and it wasn't going to be good. Hubby followed the noise and I trailed behind him....the scene unfolded with this.....2 1/2 year old bleeding profusely from mouth. Blood all over bed. 8 year old in shock and holding his head. What do we discover of our 2 1/2 year old?? He has bitten his tongue pretty good. Now I know and I am sure the rest of you know usually there isn't much that is done for mouth wounds but, I made the call anyway...just to be certain. I am told to take him to the Er since the bleeding hasn't stopped and it is pretty deep. So off we go. We were in and out in a flash so that is good but poor baby, his mouth keeps bleeding on and off and he had an awful night trying to sleep (he is a thumb sucker...not a good combo with tongue wound). Big brother has a lump on his head and a little scratch were they collided but is otherwise alright. So here are a few pics from the scene. This first one was after the er trip and things had settled a down a bit. No stitches...just Popsicles and ibuprofen ordered.

And after a few days of healing here is where we are at:

Still has some healing to do...but they were both back at it the next day after the incident. BOYS!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Card Swap

I am back...I wanted to share some cards I made for a card theme was new baby girl. I had fun making these. I am excited to see what I get back. Here are some photos.

First Snow!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas......everywhere you go!!!! ladadedada...dadadadada! This song has been playing in my head since it began to snow here today. The kids are just bouncing off the walls wanting to go play. My oldest had to go to school (bummer) but, has already made plans to get bundled up for some snow fun later this afternoon. Hopefully by then the wind will have let up a bit. The snow really does make Christmas is really great that we got a little in December this year. Here are a few pics I took today.

Here is a picture of our pup Zoe! This will be her first snow. Have a great Day!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Creative Hangover!

So I have been scrappin like crazy and have finally hit that point when you start to feel the effects of late nights and early mornings. I will share some of the things I have been working on but first I just want to say that I am in love with scrappin' again. I don't know what happened but, it is good! I have felt a new wave of creativity come over me and I just need the time to complete all the projects I think about....I even dream about layouts and pictures I want to take and cards I need to make. I too need to think about the fact that Christmas is fast approaching!! Yikes and so much to do there.......but, then it is back to my scrapbook room. My lovely hubby jokes and says things like well, I always know where to find you lately or if you had a fridge and a bathroom would we ever see you?? LOL He is such a kidder! My 8 year old has even made a few cards lately...and my 2 year old in already crimping paper! I am teaching them early!! Well, I will get on to sharing a few of my latest projects.

Here is a simple Christmas card I created this year using Mind's Eye premade cards!! I just love em'

Here is a layout I did over at Creative Scrappers for a sketch challenge. I just love how this turned and and thank Creative Scrappers for the gave a great starting point!!

This layout was done without a sketch...just free form! This is one of my favorite pictures of my youngest and a great memory too. I made this page for his book that I hope to pass on to him one day. I think it is great already to have this for him to look back on and remember things from his childhood he may otherwise forget.

Well, there you have it! A very small sampling of some projects I have been working on. It is back to crafting and stampin' and of course Scrappin'!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Calendar Craze

So I just made another super cute and simple project from Creative Scrappers!! I am telling you , you really need to get your buns over there and check things is lot's of fun! Well, tonight we made a desk calendar. I made mine to coordinate with the post it's for my sons teacher so I could give this as a set.

Afternoon Scrapin'

This is what I have been working on this afternoon:

This is a Christmas page I completed today of my son on Christmas morning. I love the picture of him sucking on his Zoe dolls funny. I embellished with star brads, stickles and a few stickers. I stamped the title..Believe.

Next I moved on to his 2nd birthday...these are all pages for his book.

So he just loved Elmo at this age...Had to create an Elmo theme page. I drew all the crayons myself in the background and created the larger crayons and Elmo myself as well.

This is a few things I was able to get done this afternoon before nap time was up and my son got home from school....hopefully I will be able to get more done tonight.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Post it's made cute!! Gotta Love That!

So I was over at Creative Scrappers tonight and did a really cute make and take project creating covers for post it's! I made 2 and am more pleased with my second try than my first. If you are reading this and have not yet been to the Creative Scrappers site you are seriously missing out! The group of gals are awesome and the projects, challenges and sketches just rock!! So get your buns over there!! are the post it's I made.

This was my first attempt. My camera was not liking the glitter I guess..?? Well on the flap it reads Thanks So Much. It really is pretty but not my fav. so far.

Here is my second attempt and a gift for my sons teacher this year....let's hope she is not reading this...hehehehe :-)

Here is a pic. of the inside. I stamped each page with a little flower just to tie it all together. So far this is my fav. but, I plan on making more...more...more!! They are so quick to make and turn out so cute how can you resist??

Monday, December 1, 2008

Scrapfest 2

So I got two pages done that I used some of the sketches from creative scrappers sketch fest 2. One page I used one of Deanne's quotes for a Quote it! layout. I used some prints I had made of DS feet and hands back around the time these pictures were taken. I also used some different ribbon and brads to help add some interest to the page.
The other Layout I got done was the Monochromatic. This was fun and a little challenging to get all one color family that I was happy with. I ended up using buttons, felt and also stitching by hand on this page. I also decided to use a 3D lacquer on the letters.

I am hoping to get some more pages done tomorrow afternoon. DS has a winter program at school tomorrow night so unless I stay up late again I won't be scrapping tomorrow night.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Scrap Happy

Well, I just saw the new sketches for Sketckfest2 on creative scrappers. They are all so great! I am really excited to get to work on them. If you are interested go to the site and check it out...and loads of other contests and info. All the people are great and the inspiration is endless.

I just got the kidos off to bed. I know my son is not looking forward to returning to school and my DH is complaining about returning to work too...LOL. That is the one bad thing about long breaks, makes it hard to return to the ordinary. I am going to use the early bedtime though to scrap some pages. Also wanted to share a pic of the tree. The kids are so happy with their work...and I think it turned out great really makes the Christmas season for me. We have a tradition that ever year we all get an ornament......I still haven't found one for me yet. I am looking for a butterfly or a 10 year ann. ornament since this will be the 10th Christmas me and hubby have spent married together.

Here is Bug with our just cut tree. He had a blast!

And here it is decorated and in the house. Sorry it's not the best picture. I will try and get a better one later....maybe when some presents make their way under the tree.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Scrappin' Time

So I was able to scrap a little this afternoon. This first layout was done using Flair designs paper and card stock stickers. I also attached some brads and star eyelets. Fun!

This second page was done using the Basic Grey urban prairie papers, brads and some K&Company flowers and chipboard letters. Just love all these lines. I also added some lace just to give some more girl power. LOL. I had fun playing with some of my new papers and embellies today. Hope to do some more tomorrow.

Christmas Wonder

Well, I woke up this morning and realized that in all hustle and bustle of the Thanksgiving prep and just everyday cooking and such that the house was a mess! We have been in and out so much that it has been seriously neglected. So I got busy this morning and cleaned up a bit. I want to be able to play with a new Basic Grey set I picked up called urban prairie...I just love it! I also will be working on a me page. I will post any new pages I get complete today.....that is if I get to play today. I also realized something else today and that is that I absolutely love Christmas tree smell! It makes the season so yummy. My 2 year old just loves the see the wonder in his eyes makes you realize that we take so much for granted. I love that our kids can teach us something everyday!

1 Hour Layout Contest

So I wanted to share a page I did the other night at a 1 hour layout contest. It was lot's of fun put on by Creative Scrappers. It would have gone a lot smoother had I not had the help of my darling 2 year old son. Why is it that the kids always know when you really want them to go to bed...then they absolutely refuse.....LOL! Well, I got it done anyway. Drum roll please......Here it is

I think it turned out pretty good considering the time I had to complete it and all the help I got.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Just Getting Started

So today I am starting my first say I am behind in the times would be an understatement since everyone including the 90 year old woman down the street and the dog already have had their blogs up and running for some time. I will start by saying that the holiday season must be here in full force. That is based on the traffic and how crowded the stores were today on Black Friday!! My family and I cut down our Christmas tree from a Christmas tree farm today. It was a great experience and hopefully the tree will last until Christmas. We got it home in time to decorate only to find out that our lights wouldn't work properly. They would flicker on and off at their own discretion. The problem is sometimes they would not want to come back on at all...bummer. So off we went to the store once again today to buy lights for the tree. After all the shopping we did finally get the tree up and to keep it that way. Between a 2 year old, a cat and a dog we will see who can outlast. I am hoping for some relaxation for the rest of the weekend. Also would love to scrap in one of my many albums I have started.