Friday, November 28, 2008

Just Getting Started

So today I am starting my first say I am behind in the times would be an understatement since everyone including the 90 year old woman down the street and the dog already have had their blogs up and running for some time. I will start by saying that the holiday season must be here in full force. That is based on the traffic and how crowded the stores were today on Black Friday!! My family and I cut down our Christmas tree from a Christmas tree farm today. It was a great experience and hopefully the tree will last until Christmas. We got it home in time to decorate only to find out that our lights wouldn't work properly. They would flicker on and off at their own discretion. The problem is sometimes they would not want to come back on at all...bummer. So off we went to the store once again today to buy lights for the tree. After all the shopping we did finally get the tree up and to keep it that way. Between a 2 year old, a cat and a dog we will see who can outlast. I am hoping for some relaxation for the rest of the weekend. Also would love to scrap in one of my many albums I have started.

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jinxi~ aka angi said...

Congrats on your new blog!!!
Lucky you to get your tree up already! Good luck with the kid/pets though.. I'll be in the same boat for sure! hehe ;)