Monday, June 14, 2010


Welcome to a confession of a button addict.  Today I thought I would sort through my pile of buttons....while going through them by color I have come to the conclusion that i do have a button problem...HAHAHAAA!!  Add that to my paper and ribbon problem.....*BIG GRIN*! 

It was really interesting to see how many buttons of each color I actually have and how many variations of one color there can be....really!  I got them all sorted and into baggies for now *sigh*  I discovered that I am gonna need at least 9 different containers for all the different colors and types.  Any suggestions?  They will have to be fairly large....not huge....but...well ya know.  Alright this button lover is off to tackle a few more projects.  Be sure to stop by Wednesday for a new challenge sketch from the Wild Flower Patch.

Thanks for stopping by, JennK


Carol said...

Hi Jenn! I just saw a video on YouTube by Dawn McVey regarding her button storage. She purchases canning jars (4 in a box) from Wal-Mart and pays about $4 for the box. The jars are pint-sized, more round than tall and thin and she said they hold a lot of buttons. The jars can be stored on their side (as she has done). Here is a link to the video:

Alison said...

How about using empty salsa jars? They are a great size, easy on and off caps, and have nice, clean shapes. I use salsa jars (and baby food jars) a lot for my organizing. You have some beautiful buttons!