Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tag you are it!!!

I have been tagged by a fiskafriend...Here is what I have to do..Go to the place on your computer where you store all your pictures and open the 4th folder.
Open the 4th picture.
Post the picture and give an explanation of what it is.
Tag 4 people.
DO NOT CHEAT!! You cannot edit or crop the picture!!
So here is my picture.......

This picture was taken last year at the air show here in Wichita, Kansas. We all had a blast, it was a hot day but so fun to watch all the planes do their tricks.

So now who do I tag???

My four people I am going to tag are.....


Ok, well I am off to create now that the house is still for a moment....

Have some scrappin' fun today!! JennK