Monday, March 23, 2009

What did you do today??

Well, after finishing a few chores I got to work on my youngest scrapbook. I am so close to being caught up I can see the finish line now....YES!! Of course I am still pretty far back in our family album and my oldest son but that is o.k. It's not a race right?.

Some fall pictures of the little one. I took these pictures on a day that we were having fun in the leaves. I love seeing his cute little feet. I am so glad it was pretty warm that day. Of course he loves to go barefoot all the time...

Halloween!!! Well, I had to scrap it. My little one was Robin...part of the Batman crew. The boys all dressed up. They even made it into the local paper...celebrities for a day!! Check out that stash of candy he got!! Can anyone say CAVITY!!

Fun times at the air show last summer...I love that picture of my son and his daddy.

And at the end of the day....what a beautiful sight. I never tire of a sunset. LOVE IT!!

Happy craftin to ya Jenn K

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