Saturday, August 22, 2009

Drive-in Bust!

Boy oh Boy today was a full day. The boys started the day with a little fishing...while I worked out and cleaned carpets. Then we all ate some lunch and headed over to a little carnival put on by the local baptist church. The boys had a blast in the jump around and Nick and I enjoyed TOO much cotton candy..LOL!!

Then we were off to dinner and the drive-in movie.....or so we thought. Dinner went great Zak even took a power nap right before. Then we were off to the movies. We arrive at the drive-in, eyes wide with excitement. Look how big that screen is mom! We get up to the ticket window to make our screen selection and BAM!! It happens.." So sorry but we are unable to open tonight, There has been a main water break and we cannot operate till it is fixed." "So sorry"

What??? So in all the years how often has this happened?? Bummer! So we left disappointed. Maybe we will try again another weekend before they close for the season. I cannot remember the last drive-in I was at but, I definitely think if you have one you should take the kids to experience it. So another time...Hopefully in the very near future we will enjoy this fading fav. past time.

In other news..I finished my Wenesday Inspiration project for the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog today. I got to play with some of the Yummy Cosmo Cricket! I just LOVE, Love, Love that paper manufactorer!! be sure to come back for my post on Wednesday for my reveal.

Till next time, have fun crafting! Jenn K

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jinxi~ aka angi said...

We've been wanting to go to the Drive-in before summer is up too.. I hope we both get the chance to.. and with the kids-they'll love it!