Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, Monday.....

So what a weekend we had! Sheesh, it was fun but exhausting. I need a weekend to recover...hahahaa!
What did we do???

Well lets start at the beginning shall we?...Friday went as usual. Get son after school and finish some chores and
enjoy the start of the break.
Saturday got up early. A few chores then it was off to The Alley with my son and 4 of his friends
for his birthday party extravaganza! WOOHOO! I think everyone had a good time. There was bowling, Pizza,
Go carts, Cupcakes, Arcade games and prizes! Fun Times!! Here are a few pictures from the fun.

We got home that evening and crashed.....

Sunday we attened a party that KPTS was having for their 40 year anniversay. It was at an ice rink and everyone who
brought a book got to skate for free! YAY!

Ice skating was FUN!

And then home for some quick dinner, baths and bed. Time to start a new week. Not sure what next weekend
holds for us to do....*smiles*

Hugs, Jenn K

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LORi said...

Oh Jenn...your boys are too darn cute!!!

Hugs - LORi