Friday, September 10, 2010

Somethings missing...

So I have been working on a few layout the past few days.  It has been a little slow going because little monster has been sick with the mystery fever since Monday night.  Of course we go to the doctor and the mystery fever he has had the past 3 days mysteriously vanishes...and then reappears once we are home..grrr.  But he finally seems to be coming out of it.  YAY!  So I decide to take a few moments this morning to look over a layout and decide if I am done or if I want to add more...and something looks off.
AH HA!!  
There is actually something missing!  WHAT?!!
Ok so nobody has been in the crafty space since the last time I worked on could something go missing?
Now for a sneaky peek at a the project I am working on for a fun Fall LO Tag team on the Noel Mignon forum..I cannot reveal all the goodness till all the other gals do their projects.But I gotta show you what I am talking about,  So....
Ok see this is suppose to have just a tad bit more to it....So did the parts fly off somewhere???  Am I living in some wonder emporium of a craft room? Hmmmm, very interesting....Look where I found the missing bits.
OK so this is just a little weird.  It even looks like it flew over and is sitting nicely among some papers on my desk.  Silly little butterfly...get back on that layout!

Ok so here is what it is suppose to look like.  And this sweet little flighty fellow is now firmly ( I HOPE) in place by a trusty glue dot.  Still not sure how it managed to get off the page to begin with, but I say it is the magic of Butterflies..heheee!  
Thanks for stopping by my crazy little world today.  Happy Craftin'!  JennK


Greta Adams said...

HA!! that is weird is that.... awesome story and i so cannot wait to see the rest of that delishious looking layout

Virginia said...

Too funny! I can't wait to see the layout either, it looks BEAUTIFUL!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Had me going there for a moment. The butterfly is beautiful!

I cant wait to see the whole layout because the sneak is awesome!