Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Update...

Well, this has been a sad day for the kidos. Both are sick with sinus infections and the little one has an added eye infection too...YUCK! I feel bad for the little guys...They did get some candy on Friday on Trick or Treat street here in our town so they are not completely candy less. But, as I am sure you can imagine they are bummed out (mostly the 9yo). So Momma has no pics to share with ya right now. Maybe when they are feeling better I can get them to dress up for me so I can snap some shots...

I hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween.....Enjoy the sugar high!

Hugs, Jenn K

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June Houck said...

Hi, Jenn! I've been somewhat incognito daughter,Julia, was sick this past week with fever and cough. I have been feeling like I've been fighting something for ~ a week now too. I'm not truly sick like my little J-girl; just scratchy throat and more tired than usual.

I hope your kiddos bounce back quickly and that their wonderful Momma stays well too!