Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello Monday....Late!

Hey  friends!!  I have been on a cleaning organizing craze lately!!  Must be the start of a new year and the new beginnings.  Seems like out with the old and in with the new is my motto lately...heheheee!!  Gotta love that!!  I am slowly getting the rest of the house in tip top shape...and then I will tackle my crafty space.  I have some BIG plans and ideas for in there!  Little does poor hubby know!  SHHHH!!  It will be our secret for now.  LOL!

Alright while all this has been going on I haven't been neglecting my crafty ways..just my camera in a sense!  But I did manage to take some pictures today of the lovely first SNOW of the year and the kidos enjoying the heck out it!  So until I can share some crafty about a few pictures from my day today??

Cutie 1 and 2!!  Love my boys!

BEST daddy in the WORLD!
And my cute 7 pounds of fluffy LOVE!

Hope you have enjoyed my day of pictures.  I will be back very soon to share some things I have been working on in the craft space.  Thanks for stopping by!


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