Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where has the time gone??

Wow, this week sure has flown by!  I have been working on several projects over the past few days and can't wait till I can share them with you.  I also am getting some ideas about possible gifts I can make for the upcoming holiday season.  So far I have seen some really great gift cards and hair clips that are on my radar.  I am looking for a few more things.  Have you seen anything really great yet?  If you have share it with me please.  I enjoy making a few gifts to give each year.

I also have a blog hop coming up next week with a new design team I will be designing for soon!!  I am excited for that to begin and some of those projects I mentioned earlier are part of that big announcement, so be on the lookout for that really SOON!

Until then I have a few pictures of the kidos from Halloween.  The boys got a ton of candy even though my youngest pooped out pretty quick.  It was windy and cold that night and he was ready to go home and cuddle under a warm blanket and dive into his candy pile!

JUMP!!  Mario, JUMP!!
Gimme all your CANDY!!
We are ready MOM!!  Let's get this picture shoot over and get some CANDY!!

HEHEEE!!  I hope you enjoyed the pics and I will be back really soon with some crafty stuff to share.
Thanks for stopping by, JennK

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jinxi~ aka angi said...

GREAT costumes!
They are totally into it too!