Sunday, December 5, 2010

Amazing package arrived today!!

WOW!!  Hello friends.  I wanted to share what came in the mail yesterday!!  All I can say is Jenni Hufford, You are one generous gal!!  Thanks so much!!  I recently started following this talented gal on her blog the Hufford House.  It is full of great projects as well as some Cute pictures and fantastic stories.  Well, one day I was hopping along on the Ella friendship hop and saw she was doing a giveaway of a Flat rate box filled with goodies!!  And guess what?... I won!  I was so excited and had no idea what I had won exactly, but was just excited to have a few new things to play with in my crafty place.  Well, I gotta say when the box arrived I was giddy with excitement.  My family all thought I was off my rocker because of the Joy a box brought me...hehehee...if they only knew!  :)

So without hesitation I opened this Wonderful box and WOW!!  I was completely floored with the amount of goodies inside!  Words cannot I will show you a few pictures.
ME (no makeup!! YIKES)  My son took this picture of me while I was opening up the box.

What was inside!!  There was so much paper inside that I cannot even show them all in this picture!

So, I just want to say again.  THANK YOU Jenni!!  You are most generous!

I will be back soon with more pictures from my Dec. Daily....



jinxi~ aka angi said...

wow, what a haul!!! Congrats!
and ps: you look beautiful!

Jenni said...

you are too cute- so glad you enjoyed all the goodies!!! xo