Thursday, December 17, 2009

Goodies, Goodies Everywhere!!

Hiya! What a whirl wind few days I have had. Seems like everyday gets busier than the last. So what have I been up to?? All sorts of Christmas related things. Baking, Creating gifts, buying gifts (yes I am still not done), wrapping all that fun stuff. Mix that in with other responsablities and I just don't seem to have enough hours in my day. I do have some YUMMY pictures to share with ya. Some holiday baking I have recently done. Remember those Holiday Trees cookies I posted a few posts back? I made them and they are YUMMO!! I also made some yummy chocolate kiss cookies and some delish cinnamon pinwheels. I of course tasted them all. I wouldn't want to send out bad cookies and I got to tell ya...I LOVE them all!! Here they are all packeged and ready to go.

Here is another box of goodies I made up.

This box I covered with a picture my son created for his teacher. I love the personal touch this gives.The inside goodies...

And check out this super cute Candy Train my son brought home from school. One of his classmates made little holiday treat bags for the class and this was inside! So cute and imaginative! The little boy who gave these out LOVES trains as much as my son does.
I hope you enjoyed all the goodies I shared today.

Hugs, JennK

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Lydia said...

OK that Life saver train is ADORABLE, such a great little gidt idea~