Saturday, January 17, 2009

Down with the FUNK!!

Good Morning!

Well, the funky funk finally hit me. I am not sure if it was something I ate or the flu but whatever it wasn't good. I think that is the worse. Being sick at your stomach. So I have been on the mend and am finally feeling much better today. Of course now I have lot's of catching up to do. Life doesn't go on pause just because you do..hehehee. *smiles* I am happy to be back though and my loving hubby has helped out so much! He is definitely a keeper for sure! Till next time...Happy craftin'!


Shannon said...

I've felt the same way since Wednesday at 2am! Nothing like being awoken because your stomach is going to revolt on you.

Glad you're feeling better!


jinxi~ aka angi said...

Oh man.. I hope you are better... Hugs!