Saturday, November 21, 2009

Did ya know??

So I was playing around with my Shimmerz paints and I am finally in the seasonal mood. I decided to try painting on some different things. One thing I wanted to share today is that you can actually STAMP with SHIMMERZ!! Did you already know this? Am I following the cart here?? I have just discovered this and think it is awesome!!

Some things I stamped and then poured embossing powder over it to create an embossed effect with my Shimmerz. Some I just stamped and let dry. Both turned out beautifully I think.

So ya wanna see??

Okay......Here we go

Here is what I used...Stamps, some paint brushes and my SHIMMERZ. Oh and a piece of folded cardstock (my card base). Shimmerz colors I used on my project are Sky blue and Magenta. Stamps are from Close to my Heart.

Next all I did was paint some Shimmerz onto my stamp and then stamp the image onto your cardstock...AWESOME right?!! Look how sparkly that is!! I continued to paint my stamp and stamp the different snowflake images all over my cardstock.

For these snowflakes I wanted an embossed effect. So I poured embossing powder over my stamped snowflakes. The powder stuck beautifully. Next heat with your heat gun. You get a gorgous embossed sparkly image!! So cool!

Here it is all embsossed. I think it is so cool. I went on to stamp smaller snowflakes with a different color Shimmerz paint. These snowflakes I did not emboss. Just let dry.

Here it is all finished.
I really love how it came out. I am going to stamp more with my Shimmerz. The great thing is that is washes right off your stamp too. I just grabbed a baby wipe and it was gone. So easy Peasy. Love that!! So what do ya think?? Are ya gonna try this out for yourself? Let me know what ya think.

Well, that is what I have to share today. Hope your weekend is going well. I am feeling a little better. Especially since I got some crafty time in. YAY!! That always does it for me. I am such an addict..*giggles*

Thanks for stopping by, JennK


Anonymous said...

Jennn your card is beautiful..I love those effects!!!I want some now!!!lol..
Hope you feel better soon I think you must of snt it over here!!!!lol...
enjoy the rest of your weekend:)xxx

jd said...

I am always so afraid to try something new. You gave me the courage to just do it. You never know what beautiful creations might happen. Thanks for being an inspiration to break out of the box.

LORi said...

Hey Girl...This is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Hugs - LORi

Carol said...

I love making snowflake back grounds!
your are lovely!

Rosa said...

The end result of this card is just beautiful! I've stamped paint on walls but can you believe never on paper! Can't wait to give it a try!

Elaine A said...

Jenn -

Well this is an effect I did not know about. But I will be using this technique myself. Love the way it looks.

Elaine Allen

Meda said...

Hmm! Lovely card! I was thinking to stamp with acrylic paint but not Shimmers. Thanks for the tip. I am actually keeping Shimmers with my acrylics and have never thought of this. Too bad I don't have any snowflake stamps :(

Laura - Layers of Color said...

You're so clever and creative, Jenn! Love this idea! Thank you!