Friday, November 20, 2009


Oh I have come down with some sort of flu or something..YUCK!! Fever, chills, achy, headaches...cough. Hope it passes soon. The real downer is my hubby is sick too. Sinus infection for starters...How often does this happen. The parents are all sick and the kids well at least one of them is not. So my house is a quarantine zone for now....BOO...Hisss!! I want to be back to normal.

I do have a layout to share with you today. I am hoping to get more things out of my head soon. I am bursting at the seams with ideas and this sick thing is not going to keep me down...**Giggles**

Have a great weekend!! JennK


Deb said...

So sorry you are sick!! I hope you and your hubby are better soon and that no one else gets it! Love your layout!

lavendarrose29 said...

This is a really cute layout. Thanks for sharing

candie said...

Cute Layout!!

chriswooten57 said...

hope you feel better soon. prayers going up for a speedy recovery.
great layout, thanks for sharing.


Cassandra said...

Take care of yourself and your family! It's a nasty cold and flu season out there!

Rosa said...

Feel better real soon! What cute layout love the layering! Thanks for sharing.